Does he want to be my boyfriend?

Trying to get "girlfriend" status?

Does he want to be my boyfriend?

Postby aib002 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:45 pm

I have been dating this guy for about a month and a half now. We met at a wedding and really hit it off and I really like him. At the end of one our datesd (which ended at 4am)we were cuddling on his couch and he asked me "What am I to you?" I kinda froze...I didn't know what to say or what he wanted me to say. I responded by saying "You're my friend." Big mistake? I dont' know. Then I asked him the same thing to which he responded "I've already told you what you are to me, remember?" He was refferring to the night he told me that I was "something very special to him". He went on to say things like "So you do this with all your friends, how many friends do you have..." Then on our last date he said with a sorta annoyed tone "Since I'm only your friend, right?"

We always have a great time on our dates, and we've done more than just makeout. I'd love for him to be my boyfriend. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I like for the guy to ask the girl to be his girlfriend...not the other way around. Next time I see him, should I bring the "friend" topic up again?

Anyway, what does he want from me? Should I have just said the same thing "You're very special to me" What does that even mean? When he asked "What am I to you?" what was he refering to? He is significantly younger than I am, if that matters, but we're both in our 20's.

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Re: Does he want to be my boyfriend?

Postby xiiwoman » Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:09 am

He's obviously moving at a much faster pace than you are.

He wants both of you to take it to the next level. He considers you as a "special person", which means he wants to dedicate all his time/love/feelings/consideration for you and you alone. (The moment you wrote out what he said I knew what it meant)

You hurt his feelings when you answered "as a friend". He wants to be distinguished from any friends (male especially) you have. He wants to be your number 1.

I'm sure if you confess to him your feelings ("I like you too") it'll give him the green light and he'll ask you to be his girlfriend.

I'm guessing because of that comment you made (the friend one), he's halted in his tracks and now he's looking for more hints or subtle signs that you like him.

the "what am I to you" question means "Am I special enough to be your boyfriend? Significant one? Lover?"
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