Guy likes me but is not ready for a relationship what to do!

"Help! I’m so confused."

Guy likes me but is not ready for a relationship what to do!

Postby Theria » Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:07 pm

Okay I met this really amazing guy at a convetion last year in october and after that we used to talk for three hours everyday. The coversations were very friendly but also very sexual too. So I went to go visit him and his friends to hang out and we actually hit it off. He kissed me and we both felt the same way....Everything was going great until the second time I went to see him a month later (He lives in New Jersey And I live In NYC). We all hung out and it was fun but it felt like he was avoiding me and one of his guy friends was occupying his whole time as if to keep me away. Then he gives me a gift which was nice but confussing. Before I left we both talk to each other and he says he does not feel comfortable doing this....He then continued with " I like you a lot I enjoy holding your hand, kissing you, and being around you. I like you, but then I like you as a friend.....I don't know. I will still be here for you and talk to you whenever you need a friend. I will help you get through what you are going through too." After we had talked his friend comes and talks to me like protecting his bro and says " I know him and I know he is not ready for a comittment. I can see you like him alot and I can see he likes you the same but he is in a place right now were the timeing is off. I think you should hold off until things lighten up for him". I then said " I will respect that I don't mind waiting". I really don't mind waiting but he really is amazing. Ever since then we barely even speak and it bothers me. I know he is really busy with all the things he is doing ( which is a lot) and all I want to do is be a good friend, But it is soooo hard because I actually enjoy talking to him. It sometimes feels like he is avoiding me completely because even when I text him to just say "Hi how are ya hows your day" he just avoids it or gets off facebook real quickly when he sees I am on chat. But then I see he is having full conversations with everyone else and I am like" what the heck. I just miss talking to him so much and want more than anything to just be around him even if it is to just be his friend. I just don't know wht to do. Should I just leave it alone and not talk to him at all until everything dies down in the summer time for him or should I just keep doing what I am doing.....I feel like I am tourchering myself and not being understanding HELP!!!!
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Re: Guy likes me but is not ready for a relationship what to

Postby ladykrystalwebb » Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:59 pm

Sounds like he is genuinely busy and just doesn't want to have to use what little free time he has entertaining a girl. If you keep trying to get in touch with him or if you keep sending him the odd fb msg or text then it's going to come across as needy and that will repel him. Just be kool and let it be, keep your options open and date other guys and either you'll find someone else just as great who has time for a relationship or you can try talking to this guy again a few months down the line and see how it goes. Whatever you do, DO NOT chase him because it WILL drive him away. Guys like their emotional space. :)
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