He doesn't want a relationship, but he won't let me go

"Help! I’m so confused."

He doesn't want a relationship, but he won't let me go

Postby chrissy92 » Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:44 am

Okay so I'm kind of stuck in a situation. Basically I've been friends with benefits with this guy for three years. It started our junior year of high school and it's still going on our sophomore year of college. Basically we only see each other when we do the dirty, but he texts me almost everyday to just chat. We now go to different colleges so sometimes we go months without seeing eachother, but like i said we still text. We even have an agreement that we don't hook up with anyone else. It seems like he really has something for me if he's willing not to get with anyone else for months at a time. I've brought up before about how we should try just hanging out once in awhile and watch a movie or go out to dinner, but he like talks around my question and I don't understand why. I know deep down that I deserve better. I really want a relationship with him, but if he doesn't want one with me, what am I supposed to do? Like I've told him before we should just be done and stop and that's happened about 5-6 times with anywhere from 2 days- 1 month before we ended up making up. (He honestly won't stop calling/texting me until give in)During those times I've gone on dates with some guys, but I'm always left missing him. When he ends up talking me into getting back with him I tell him about the other guys. The farthest I've gone with any guy besides him is making out and he even get jealous about that so it just confuses me. If he gets mad about me kissing other guys why won't he just date me and be with me and then he won't have to worry about that? I don't know what to do. Any advice?
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Re: He doesn't want a relationship, but he won't let me go

Postby Shekinn » Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:25 am

He just afraid to have you as his girlfriend because as far as he knows , it won't make any different. Being in a relationship with you and being single. He's afraid of the yucky situation like; be in a relationship . He wants fun and that's all. He know you'll be there for him . My advice let him chase u. Let him know your worth, be firm with it!
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