his actions dont match his words, HELP!!

"I want to get his attention and have him wanting me."

his actions dont match his words, HELP!!

Postby millymoo » Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:59 pm

Hi, I have been seeing this guy for 3 months now. When we are together it is magical, he calls every day, he says all the right things, i love you, i miss you, i hate being without you etc. Yet in reality I only really see him after he has been out with his friends and he spends about 4 nights a week out with friends or in bed recovering.He doesn't get drunk all the time. The real problem is that His actions never match his words and I don't know whether to talk to him about this, i don't want to be the clingy, needy girlfriend though and I don't want to be second best either. What do I do? and how?
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Re: his actions dont match his words, HELP!!

Postby G-licious » Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:25 pm

With men you should always look at actions BEFORE words.
If this guy is soo much together with his friends, he sounds very young too. Maybe he is not ready for a relationship. But if you will still try to figure him out, I think you should fill your schedule with fun selfrewarding activities that builds you up. Like exercice, shoppping, be with family and friends. Fill up your life, and be busy living it! When he contacts you, YOU will be busy. And then he will start to chase you more.
Good luck. - but remember- don´t judge a man by his words but by his actions.
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