Will he ever come back for me?

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Will he ever come back for me?

Postby Needhelpbetsy » Tue Nov 08, 2011 11:23 am

So .. I knew this boy since the beginning of high school. Its been two years now.. When we first met we went out but broke up after 2months .. its been on and off ever since. But there was a point in time where we didn't speak in 10months .. after those 10 months he contacted me and wanted to be in a relationship with me but i asked him for more time so i can grow on him.
He got impatient and told me he didn't want to talk to me. i felt there was more to it because he started being really mean to me and he just loved to pick fights. Then he told me to leave him alone. i did. ( There is so much more to the story but i don't want to overload the situation lol )

He contacts me after 3 months crying telling me why he was acting like that. Comes to find out he had personal issues and he was just taking them out on me..after he told me that ..i asked him out,
he said no he doesn't want a relationship so i said okay, bye. Then he calls me from his "new phone" saying i got a new number take it or leave it.. i said okay.

i contact him 3 weeks later..he invited me over to his new apartment.. we hooked up that night :roll: ( stupid me), and immediately after i asked him if we could be together again, He says okay but still sounds skeptical. I took note of it but i thought he would want to be the relationship after it started...

During the time that we "went out" he was so rude to me..He has no respect for me .. he would say things like " i don't have to explain my self to you", "We're not married." And all this other rude stuff. But we seen each other 3 times ./one time i slept over his house one night we hooked up again .. while we were laying with each other he told me he loved me.

Because of the way he spoke to me, we had an argument through text. After the argument i asked him if he even wants us to be together.. he says "i don't know you don't act like the girl i want at times."

So i say fine then go find someone to fulfill your wants.
Then he goes see that's what makes me not like you.
Then I'm like that doesn't even make sense i just want to know if you want to be my boyfriend?
He says no we never established that
I ask if we can establish
he says no I'm not ready for you.
i said okay.
(its crazy because he agreed for us to go out then all of a sudden we never established it.. ugh i'm so confused)

he still hits me up saying, "you coming over?"
i just think its so rude how he never asks how I'm doing or anything he just wants me to come over

then he hits me up on our anniversary while i was in school. i ask him why did he hit me up so early because he doesnt usually write me at that time.

then go tries to argue with me when.. : "if i don't write you its a problem when i don't write you at all its still a problem."

im like woah ima let that slide and i told him i asked because he doesn't usually hit me up at that time.. im like you must love arguing then
then he goes no its stuff i went through.
i say its not even that serious we don't go out so why do you even bother. then he says ok whatever bye.

then he hits me up asking me if i got my period i said yea but dont think we are having sex again because we dont go out. he said that's fine i understand. then i told him to leave me alone he says "ight say no more hun have a good one love".

Then he hits me up 4days later telling to listen to a song because it reminded him of me ( Don't tell me you love me - big sean ; the songs sucks) .. i said oh.. then he goes yea sorry i treat you bad.. then i said you're full of shit. why are you even writing me? I told you to leave me alone. he goes ugh okay.

I mean i don't nag him i don't bother him if anything I'm there for him all i really want is for us to be genuine with each other but it seems like he doesn't want me in his life at all.. he just wants to do sex to me.

i really want him to hit me up again because i really miss him. but i have a feeling he will hit me up .. should i wait it out or hit him up.. if i hit him up all I'm going to say is i miss you and fall into the same trap again i really need some advice.
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Re: Will he ever come back for me?

Postby lilian_w » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:49 pm

I don't think this guy is ready for a relationship, let alone behaving like he's in one with you :( If anything, I think you shouldn't let yourself be hurt by this guy and the silly stuff he says, when you've said it yourself, he's full of sh**t! :P :?
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